Psychology of Incentive – Getting Started To Get Ahead

Psychology of Incentive- Getting Started To Get Ahead

“An incentive is a bullet, a key: an often tiny object with astonishing power to change the situation”- Steven D. Levitt

What are the forces that keep you driven? Do you study daily to increase your knowledge📖 or is it because you want good grades 💯?
Every individual has their reasons to do something. Everyone feels motivated either through their internal desires or external wishes. According to human motivation, actions are often inspired by a desire to gain outside reinforcement.
Emo matrix brings to you an opportunity to understand that human behaviour is motivated by a desire for incentives.💫 So if you are ready to explore the psychology aspect behind incentives then
Emo matrix is hosting a webinar on “Psychology of Incentives” under its highly informative webinar series – Business Bites!
where you can learn psychology in small bites! 🤝🏻
The webinar will be hosted by our founding director, global counselling psychology and a Global Goodwill Ambassador Mr Suveen Kumar

Key Features of Psychology of Incentive:

  • Free Entry
  • Participation Certificate
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18th JULY 2021



7 PM



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Psychology of Incentive
Psychology of Incentive

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