Cultivating a Learning Culture

Cultivating a Learning Culture – If you are not Updated you are Outdated

Cultivating A Learning Culture | Free Entry | Participation Certificate | Sunday 7 PM

Its Correctly pointed out that one should Never stop Learning for the day you Stop Learning is the Day you Stop Growing.
Quite similarly, even in a workplace; Employee learning should happen every day to become better, to feel better, and to make things easier for Yourself.
However, Creating a Learning Culture does not come in handy for everyone, because it requires the Right sets of skills along with Consistency, Dedication, Commitment, and above all Willingness.
If there is something in this you are lacking, here’s a chance to learn how to Develop this Habit, Join us at EMO MATRIX this coming Sunday at 7 PM on the Topic Cultivating a Learning Culture, with FREE ENTRY and PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATE.

DATE- 14th March’21
Book your seats only at-  Click here for Free Registration

Or Call/ WhatsApp at +91 9873892019

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I am a senior clinical psychologist with over 11years of experience in the field. I am the founder of Psychology Roots, a platform that provides solutions and support to learners and professionals in psychology. My goal is to help people understand and improve their mental health, and to empower them to live happier and healthier lives.

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