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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There any Guide Available?

Yes. you can see complete guide on this video

What Can I get through this Service?

You can get Scales, Questionnaire, Inventories, Articles, Thesis, Books, and Software.

How much time take to get the requested resources?

Maximum 5 working days. But If you have any membership, Then duration according to your plan.

Is this Service free?

Yes, We provide All resources free.

What is mean by Support Psychology through?

As we work hard to provide you free services, you can also make part of this by supporting Psychology Roots through Sharing Resources, Description of any tool, Donations or Subscribing our YouTube Channel.

How can I get the information regarding Scales or any tools?

Psychology Roots team only provide file through email. If you need information regarding that file, then kindly create query in the community.

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