MCQs on Perception

MCQs on Perception

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MCQs on Perception
MCQs on Perception

MCQs on Perception

Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the questions. In this test, we use unlimited MCQs on Gender and Sexuality but due to preparation purpose, only 20 MCQs shows each time from the collection and every time you may see new MCQs. 60% is passing criteria in the MCQs.

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Perception MCQs helps us to increase our knowledge

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1. Many natural ESP occurrences are apparently a result of

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2. The tendency to group together objects that are the same size, shape, color, or form is known a

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3. Attention is aroused by

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4. Even though the retinal image of an object may change drastically, the object appears unchanged. This is the principle underlying

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5. A major criticism of ESP research is that

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6. The fact that we can walk and chew gum at the same time illustrates that

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7. In making a charcoal pencil drawing, which pictorial depth cue could you most effectively use?

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8. Cross-cultural experiences suggest that pictorial cues for depth perception are

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9. A cheetah scrambling up a rocky slope in Montana is likely to be perceived as a mountain lion because

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10. The __________ believe that depth perception is learned.

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11. When Jewish subjects tried to remember briefly flashed groups of stimuli, they recognized fewer items when one was a swastika. This was because

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12. The __________ believe that depth perception is inborn.

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13. Illusions differ from hallucinations in that

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14. The text’s illustration of the police officer’s faulty “eyewitness” identification is an example of

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16. Closure, nearness, similarity, and continuation are categories of

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17. When you estimate a distance under 50 feet (as when you approach a stop sign or play catch), you are using

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18. When traveling in a car, near objects seem to move past you faster than distant objects. This is called

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19. Recent experiments on eyewitness testimony have shown that the relationship between a person’s confidence in his or her testimony and its accuracy

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20. Sensations are organized into meaningful perceptions by

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