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Academic Stress Scale

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Scale Name

Academic Stress Scale

Author Details

Ames P. Kohn and Gregory H. Frazer. Kohn

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The Academic Stress Scale (ASS) is a self-report measure designed to assess the level of academic stress experienced by students. The ASS was developed by James P. Kohn and Gregory H. Frazer in 1986 and consists of 35 items that measure the perceived stressfulness of academic situations. Respondents rate each item on a 5-point Likert scale, ranging from 1 (not at all stressful) to 5 (extremely stressful).

The ASS was developed based on the transactional model of stress, which posits that stress is a product of the interaction between an individual’s appraisal of a situation and the demands of that situation. The ASS measures the individual’s appraisal of academic situations, such as the perceived importance of doing well in school, the perceived difficulty of the workload, and the perceived availability of resources to cope with stress.

The ASS has been shown to be a valid and reliable measure of academic stress. It has been used in a variety of studies to assess the relationship between academic stress and a range of other variables, such as academic performance, mental health, and coping strategies.

The ASS is a useful tool for researchers and clinicians who are interested in understanding the causes and consequences of academic stress. It can also be used by students to help them identify and manage their own academic stress levels.

Administration, Scoring and Interpretation

The Academic Stress Scale (ASS) is a self-report measure that can be administered in a variety of settings, including individual or group settings, and online or in paper-and-pencil format. The ASS takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

To administer the ASS, you will need the following:

  • A copy of the ASS
  • A quiet place where the student can complete the scale without distractions

Instructions for administering the ASS:

  • Explain to the student that the ASS is a self-report measure of academic stress.
  • Ask the student to read each item carefully and rate how stressful they find each situation on a scale of 1 (not at all stressful) to 5 (extremely stressful).
  • If the student is unsure how to rate an item, encourage them to choose the rating that best reflects how they feel.
  • Once the student has completed the scale, collect the ASS and score it according to the instructions provided in the ASS manual.

Reliability and Validity

The Academic Stress Scale (ASS) has been shown to be a reliable and valid measure of academic stress.

Reliability refers to the consistency of the ASS scores over time. In other words, if a student takes the ASS twice, their scores should be similar. The ASS has been shown to have good test-retest reliability, with a correlation coefficient of 0.82. This means that there is a strong correlation between students’ scores on the ASS when they take it twice, within a two-week period.

Validity refers to the extent to which the ASS measures what it is supposed to measure. In other words, the ASS should be able to distinguish between students who are experiencing high levels of academic stress and students who are not experiencing high levels of academic stress. The ASS has been shown to have good validity, with a correlation coefficient of 0.73 with other measures of academic stress. This means that the ASS scores are correlated with other measures of academic stress, which suggests that the ASS is measuring what it is supposed to measure.

Available Versions

33-Items (Reference not confirmed yet)
40-Items (Kim 1970 and Rajendran, R., & Kaliappan, K. V. 1990)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Academic Stress Scale?
A self-report measure of academic stress.

Who developed the Academic Stress Scale?
James P. Kohn and Gregory H. Frazer.

How many items are on the Academic Stress Scale?
35 items.

How is the Academic Stress Scale scored?
The total score is the sum of the ratings for all 35 items.

What is the range of scores on the Academic Stress Scale?
35 to 175.

What is the reliability of the Academic Stress Scale?
Good test-retest reliability and internal consistency.

What is the validity of the Academic Stress Scale?
Good validity with other measures of academic stress.


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