MCQs on Gender and Sexuality

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MCQs on Gender and Sexuality

MCQs on Gender and Sexuality

Here in this post, we are sharing the MCQs on Gender and Sexuality”. You can read MCQ with answers.  We have a lot of collections of MCQs on Psychology.  Psychology Roots team works hard to provide you with the important stuff and plans to provide past papers, MCQs, and much more for your career guidance. You can join our community, and part to contribute your part. Keep visiting Psychology Roots.

MCQs on Gender and Sexuality
MCQs on Gender and Sexuality

MCQs on Gender and Sexuality

Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the questions. In this test, we use unlimited MCQs on Gender and Sexuality but due to preparation purpose, only 20 MCQs shows each time from the collection and every time you may see new MCQs. 60% is passing criteria in the MCQs.

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Gender and Sexuality

Gender and Sexuality MCQs helps us to increase our knowledge

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1. Dyspareunia is

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2. Masturbation or self-stimulation in a three-year-old child would be a sign of

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3. __________ refers to one’s degree of emotional and erotic attraction to members of the same gender, opposite gender, or both genders.

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4. Androgens are

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5. The phase of sexual response involving a return to lower levels of sexual tension and arousal is the __________ phase.

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6. Which statement is TRUE regarding male-female differences?

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7. For women

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8. According to the text, what is happening to the “double standard” regarding acceptable male and female sexual behavior?

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9. The female hormones are called

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10. After becoming infected by the HIV virus, a person can still test negative for HIV for up to

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11. Achieving sexual arousal by wearing clothes of the opposite sex is known as

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12. Maximal sexual activity

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13. There is no structural difference between males and females in the first __________ of prenatal development

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14. The majority of child molesters are

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15. Secondary sexual characteristics include a.

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16. The gonads are the

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17. Which of the following statements concerning homosexuality is TRUE?

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18. Rape is

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19. The tendency for boys to engage in instrumental behaviors and girls to engage in expressive behaviors is evidence for

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20. Development of male genitals before birth is largely due to the presence of __________ in the male

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