Attitudes Toward Corporal Punishment

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Attitudes Toward Corporal Punishment

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About Attitudes Toward Corporal Punishment

Scale Name

Attitudes Toward Corporal Punishment

Author Details

Mental Health Innovation Network (MHIN)

Translation Availability

Not Sure


Attitudes Toward Corporal Punishment is a survey instrument used to measure a person’s beliefs about the use of physical punishment to discipline children. The questionnaire typically asks respondents about their views on the effectiveness of corporal punishment, their own experiences with being corporally punished, and their beliefs about the potential harms and benefits of this type of discipline.

Administration, Scoring and Interpretation

  • Introduction: The researcher or facilitator would begin by introducing themselves and explaining the purpose of the study. They would also obtain informed consent from the participants.
  • Instructions: The researcher or facilitator would provide clear instructions to the participants on how to complete the questionnaire. This might include explaining the meaning of any ambiguous items and how to answer the questions.
  • Questionnaire Completion: The participants would then have an opportunity to complete the questionnaire independently. The researcher or facilitator would be available to answer any questions that arise.
  • Debriefing: Once the participants have completed the questionnaire, the researcher or facilitator might conduct a brief debriefing session. This would be an opportunity to answer any further questions and to thank the participants for their time.

Reliability and Validity


Available Versions



Network, M. H. I. (n.d.). MHIN.

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