Psychology Roots WhatsApp Group

Psychology Roots WhatsApp Group

Psychology Roots is an online platform to provide complete support in the field of Psychology. Provide you complete assistance through easy steps, Psychology Roots created a WhatsApp group.

Psychology Roots WhatsApp group core features are:

1. Jobs
2. Admissions
3. Scales and software
4. Latest information
5. Online psychological courses
And much more.

Psychology Roots

Rules of Groups:

Allow in the Group:

1. Share updates related to Psychology
2. Admission and scholarship information
3. Career opportunities including internship and jobs
4. Share any material related to Psychology including such as assignments, blogs, research, tools, articles, thesis, etc.

Not Allowed in the group:

1. Irralevent post
2. Any group promotion
3. long discussion

Psychology Roots welcome you and appreciate it if you can add information to our website. We promote your information on all social media platforms. Our categories are in the attached picture.

Psychology Roots also invite you to use our request section to request any material related to Psychology free. We will answer your all type of questions within 24 hours with authentic information. Link of Community Forums

You can also join Psychology Roots to create a community where all valuable material and information available.

Join WhatsApp Group

Kindly provide Information about yourself and we will add you in desired groups.

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I am a senior clinical psychologist with over 11years of experience in the field. I am the founder of Psychology Roots, a platform that provides solutions and support to learners and professionals in psychology. My goal is to help people understand and improve their mental health, and to empower them to live happier and healthier lives.

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