Parapsychology refers to the study of paranormal phenomenon, i.e. occurrences that appear to violate scientific laws. in some cases, people who experience paranormal phenomenon may be considered mentally ill or delusional – but Parapsychologists would not agree with that in all cases. Instead, parapsychologists believe these
experiences can be transforming and healing to those who have them.

Some examples of these paranormal occurrences are telepathy (the ability to communicate with others through thoughts), reincarnation (a belief in the ability of an entity to die and be reborn in a different form, e.g. animal or another person), and psychic abilities (the ability to see, know or obtain perceptual information without physically experiencing it oneself). For those who are not believers, I will now use telepathy to make you imagine a picture
of an orange alligator with pink stripes. Can you see it?

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