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A Fiber

A Fiber A myelinated nerve fiber (axon) of the somatosensory system. A fibers are subdivided by diameter, ranging from largest to smallest: A-alpha fibers are …

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A Posteriori

A Posteriori denoting conclusions derived from observations or other manifest occurrences: reasoning from facts. Compare a priori. [Latin, “from the latter”]


A comparison that a researcher decides to make after the data have been collected and studied. This is usually done because the results have suggested a …

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A prime

A prime (symbol: A′) a measure of the sensitivity for correctly detecting or remembering a stimulus in a task or test. This measure is based on the …

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denoting conclusions derived from premises or principles: deducing from prior assumptions. Compare posterior.

A-B design

A-B design the simplest single-case design, comprising a pretreatment or baseline phase (Phase A) followed by a treatment phase (Phase B). Although it allows for …

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A-B-A design

A-B-A design a type of single-case design having three phases: a baseline condition in which no treatment is present (Phase A), a treatment condition in …

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