adj. relating to any deviation from what is considered typical, usual, or healthy, particularly if the deviation is considered harmful or maladaptive. In statistics, for example, abnormal scores are those that are outside the usual or expected range. The term, however, is most often applied to behavior that differs from a culturally accepted norm, especially when indicative of a mental disorder. —abnormality n. —abnormally adv.

Away from the normal.

Now, we need to understand “Normal”. It’s based on cultural norms, If any person does not follow the norm and values of culture then we called it’s abnormal.

Although the terms normal and abnormal can be argued at great length, psychologists often define the term abnormal as deviating from what is considered the norm and not conforming to the accepted social rules. Sounds pretty weak, right. abnormal is anything that is not considered normal. The reality is that we define all sorts of behaviors, thoughts, etc. by what the majority of people do, and say that this is the norm. Behavior that falls outside of this is considered abnormal. It is important to recognize that abnormality is affected significantly by society and culture. what is abnormal in the United States may be considered completely normal in another country.


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