Criminal Psychologists are Key to Law Enforcement

Criminal Psychologists are Key to Law Enforcement

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There are several subfields within the field of psychology. Human beings and their actions in particular settings are fundamental to the study of this topic. Experts in the field of criminal/forensic/investigative psychology investigate and analyse the causes of criminal behaviour.

The discipline offers great potential for young criminal psychologists to build successful careers. According to Rita Kumar, a professor at Amity University’s Department of Psychology and Allied Sciences, “they may find work in the public and private sectors or work as freelance criminal/forensic psychologists to help the police and court analyse the unusual behaviours of criminals and in making the judgments” (AIPS).

Criminal Psychologists are Key to Law Enforcement
Criminal Psychologists are Key to Law Enforcement

Criminal psychology is the subfield of psychology that analyses the minds of criminals and the circumstances that motivate them to commit crimes. Although this is a major component of the profession, criminology is about much more than just understanding criminal minds. According to Dr. Satish Kumar, chairman and associate professor of the Department of Applied Psychology at Mumbai University, “it also plays a key role in how various laws are applied.”

This subject is essential for lawyers because it teaches them how to analyse a case from the perspective of the accused and understand their reasons for their conduct. Along with working with forensic psychologists and criminal anthropologists, criminal profilers use investigative psychology to examine crime scenes for leads on potential perpetrators. In order to aid law enforcement in identifying the culprits, these professionals “try to determine the personality profile, lifestyle patterns, or any potential behavioural idiosyncrasies,” as Kumar puts it.

According to Devvarta Kumar, Professor in the Department of Clinical Psychology at NIMHANS in Bangalore, these programmes are typically available at the Postgraduate level or MPhil and PhD in India. The National Forensic Sciences University in Gandhinagar, India is where interested students may take studies in forensic and investigative psychology. Outside of this, he continues, “there are a plethora of international colleges, such as University Liverpool and the University of Huddersfield, that provide specialised degrees in this sector.

According to Havovi Hyderabadwalla, consultant psychologist at Forensic Analysis Consultancy & Training Services, both criminal psychology and forensic psychology are relatively new and small but rapidly expanding professions in India (FACTS). In India, only a small number of colleges and institutions offer majors in criminal psychology. These programmes often culminate in a certificate or diploma. The course is also available as a module or elective at a wide variety of universities. A Master’s in Forensic Psychology, which is provided by only a few number of schools in India, is the recommended academic pathway for students interested in pursuing a career in Criminal Psychology in the country. She continues, “It would make it simpler for students all across the world to locate the criminal psychology course.

Criminal psychology, forensic psychology, research methodologies, police administration, and investigation are all included in Amity University’s Postgraduate Diploma in Criminal Psychology curriculum. Psych evaluations and offender profiles are also a part of this.

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