Emotional Literacy

Emotional Literacy – Discover the Action of Your Emotion

*Emotional Literacy | Free Entry | Participation Certificate | Saturday 7 PM*
Emotions, we all have them; but what we all don’t have is how to channelize or understand those emotions. At times, we are unable to identify our own feelings as they happen, and that can literally take us away from all that we have.
So, In this World full of Choices, Choosing to be Emotionally Literate becomes all the more important, for we might be the master of many things but still we are the slave of our own Emotions.
And to learn how to dive into this World of Emotions, Join us at *EMO MATRIX* this coming Saturday at 7 PM on the Topic *EMOTIONAL LITERACY*, with *FREE ENTRY* and *PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATE*.
*DATE*- 13th March’21
*TIME*- 7 PM (GMT +4:30)
Book your seats at Book Now your Seat
Or Call/ WhatsApp at +91 9873892019


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I am a senior clinical psychologist with over 11years of experience in the field. I am the founder of Psychology Roots, a platform that provides solutions and support to learners and professionals in psychology. My goal is to help people understand and improve their mental health, and to empower them to live happier and healthier lives.

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