Teacher Classroom Management Strategies Questionnaire

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Teacher Classroom Management Strategies Questionnaire

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About Teacher Classroom Management Strategies Questionnaire

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Teacher Classroom Management Strategies Questionnaire

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The Incredible Years

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The Teacher Classroom Management Strategies Questionnaire (TCMSQ) is a tool developed as part of “The Incredible Years” program, which is a comprehensive series of programs aimed at promoting children’s academic, social, and emotional skills while preventing behavior problems. The TCMSQ is designed to assess teachers’ perceptions of their own classroom management strategies.

The questionnaire typically consists of a series of statements related to various aspects of classroom management, such as establishing rules and routines, providing positive reinforcement, managing student behavior, and handling discipline issues. Teachers are asked to rate the frequency with which they use each strategy or approach, as well as their perceived effectiveness.

The TCMSQ serves several purposes:

  • Assessment: It helps educators assess their current classroom management practices and identify areas for improvement.
  • Self-reflection: By reflecting on their own practices, teachers can become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses in managing classroom behavior.
  • Professional development: The questionnaire can inform professional development initiatives by highlighting specific areas where teachers may benefit from additional training or support.
  • Research: Researchers may use the TCMSQ to investigate the relationship between different classroom management strategies and outcomes such as student behavior, academic achievement, and teacher job satisfaction.

Administration, Scoring and Interpretation

  • Ensure that you have copies of the TCMSQ for each participating teacher.
  • Familiarize yourself with the questionnaire and its instructions.
  • Provide an introduction to the purpose of the TCMSQ and explain how the data will be used.
  • Emphasize the importance of honest and accurate responses.
  • Distribute the TCMSQ to each participating teacher, either in printed format or electronically, depending on the chosen administration method.

Reliability and Validity


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Webster-Stratton, C., Reinke, W. M., Herman, K. C., & Newcomer, L. L. (2011). The incredible years teacher classroom management training: The methods and principles that support fidelity of training delivery. School Psychology Review, 40(4), 509-529.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TCMSQ?
The TCMSQ is a questionnaire designed to assess teachers’ perceptions of their classroom management strategies.

How is the TCMSQ administered?
Teachers typically complete the TCMSQ by responding to a series of statements about their classroom management practices.

What does the TCMSQ measure?
The TCMSQ measures various aspects of classroom management, including establishing rules and routines, providing positive reinforcement, and handling discipline issues.

What are the benefits of using the TCMSQ?
The TCMSQ helps teachers reflect on their classroom management practices, identify areas for improvement, and inform professional development initiatives.


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