Aspergerʼs Disorder

Aspergerʼs Disorder

Asperger’s Disorder is a mild sort of autism that can go completely unnoticed. A child with Aspergerʼs will develop normally, both physically and mentally, but will have delayed social and emotional development. They are capable of having intelligent conversations and often have better than average vocabularies. They may be clumsy as children and learning physical tasks like riding a bike or making a bed may be harder than for other kids. A person with Aspergerʼs may not make eye contact and it would be difficult to understand their feelings by their facial expressions. If you had a surprise party for an Aspergerʼs sufferer, you may wonder after the surprise if the expression displayed happiness, surprise, fear, or plain disinterest. The interests of an Aspergerʼs sufferer tend to be narrow and intense. They often become very skilled or knowledgeable about one thing because they get so into it that thereʼs no time for anything else.

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