Psychology Groups updates on Whatsapp

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WhatsApp Group Updates

Psychology Groups updates on Whatsapp

Welcome to Psychology Roots. This post is streaming and we share all updates about the information shared in Psychology Roots Whatsapp groups. So visiting regularly and enjoy the updates. If you need file listed below, create the query in our Community and get free.

WhatsApp Group Updates
WhatsApp Group Updates

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12 Feb 2021

  • Psychological Testing by Kaplin (Book)
  • Pearson Cognitive Psychology by Solso 2013 (Book)
  • Child Rejection sensitivity scale
  • Child Acceptance Rejection scale father form

11 Feb 2021

  • Psychological Testing and Assessment by Kohan 7th Edition (Book)
  • Psychological Testing by Anastasi 4th Edition (Book)
  • TAT Manual (Test Manual)

10 Feb 2021

  • Cognitive Psychology by Solso
  • Psychology: Companion (2nd Editon)
  • Cognitive Psychology (third Editon)
  • RISB Scoring Manual
  • RISB Manual
  • Answersheet of SPM
  • Young PTSD Checklist
  • PTSD Urdu
  • Learning Disability Evaluation scale 2nd edition
  • Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test
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11 January 2020

DSM 5 Made easy

Grief Counseling and Grief Therapy

Handbook of Psychology, Health Psychology

Questionnaire on Child Sexual Abuse

VU Health Psychology Notes

10 January 2020

Mental Health Inventory

Body Awareness Questionnaire

Big Five Personality Test

Suicide Scale English

Suicide Scale Urdu

Carvan MCQ Book of Psychology

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