Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology

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Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology

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About Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology

Journal Name

Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology

Offical Details

PublisherSpringer Heidelberg
Editor in ChiefDario Maestripieri
Impact Factor1.6 (2022)
WebisteView Here


The human experience is a fascinating tapestry woven from intricate threads of behavior and physiology. Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology (AHBP) Journal delves into this very intersection, offering a platform for researchers to explore how our biology shapes our actions and vice versa.

Bridging Disciplines, Unveiling Connections

AHBP is an international, interdisciplinary scientific journal. It transcends the boundaries of traditional disciplines, welcoming contributions from a wide range of fields. Evolutionary biology, psychology, neuroscience, endocrinology, and even sports science find common ground within the journal’s pages. This cross-disciplinary approach fosters a deeper understanding of human behavior by examining it through the lens of both biological and psychological underpinnings.

Focus on Adaptation: Behaviors and their Biological Roots

The core theme of AHBP revolves around adaptation. The journal publishes studies that investigate the full spectrum of adaptive human behaviors, including:

  • Social behaviors: Cooperation, affiliation, competition, aggression, sex and relationships, and parenting are all explored within the context of how they contribute to our evolutionary success.
  • Decision-making: The journal delves into the biological mechanisms influencing how we make choices, from basic survival instincts to complex cognitive processes.

What truly sets AHBP apart is its emphasis on the biological underpinnings of these behaviors. Researchers are encouraged to explore the neural, endocrine, immune, cardiovascular, and genetic mechanisms that orchestrate human actions. By examining the hormones coursing through our veins, the neural pathways firing in our brains, and the genes we carry, AHBP fosters a more comprehensive understanding of why we behave the way we do.

Theoretical and Empirical Exploration

The journal embraces both theoretical and empirical research. Theoretical frameworks provide a foundation for understanding human behavior, while empirical studies test these theories through rigorous experimentation and observation. This two-pronged approach allows researchers to not only develop new models but also validate them through real-world data.

International Scope and Impact

Published by Springer, AHBP boasts an international reach. Researchers from across the globe contribute their findings, enriching the journal with diverse perspectives and experiences. This international dimension ensures AHBP stays at the forefront of scientific discovery in human behavior and physiology.

The journal’s impact is further amplified by its recent achievement of an Impact Factor, a metric used to measure the influence of a publication within its field. This recognition signifies the growing importance of AHBP within the scientific community.

Open Access Opportunities and Highlighted Content

AHBP offers open access options for publishing research, allowing for wider dissemination of knowledge. This not only fosters collaboration among scientists but also makes the journal’s valuable content accessible to a broader audience.

The journal also features a section highlighting recently published articles and showcasing the work of prominent researchers in the field. This keeps readers abreast of cutting-edge research and sparks their curiosity about new avenues of exploration.


Author GuidelinesRead Here
Authors can also choose to publish under the traditional publishing model (no APC charges apply); both options will be offered after the paper has been accepted.
HEC PakistanY Category (Neuro)
X Category (Psychology)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology Journal?
An international scientific journal exploring the link between human behavior and physiology.

What topics does it cover?
Social behaviors, decision-making, and the biological mechanisms behind them (hormones, brain activity, genes).

What kind of research does it publish?
Both theoretical frameworks for understanding behavior and empirical studies testing those theories.

Who publishes the journal?
Springer, a leading scientific publisher.

Is it a well-respected journal?
Yes, it has achieved an Impact Factor, signifying its influence within the field.

Does it offer Open Access options?
Yes, allowing wider dissemination of research findings.


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