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Search means to find something. Whereas research means the systematic and experimental method to explore knowledge, facts and figures, explore new things, ideas and generate conclusions. American sociologist Earl Robert Babbie impressively defined the term research as a structured way to explain, revise, and control the phenomena observed by the observer In natural or controlled settings. Research is mainly undertaken to discover new phenomena, studying existing phenomenons, to explore knowledge, to address different challenges people are facing in mental health, medical and other fields, to make strategies for the beneficence of clients, patients and society and implement strategies to make human life satisfactory.

Research plays a significant role in this growing world as it captures accurate data and helps in implementing social norms in society. Research is mandatory as it provides necessary information about all fields of life and helps in improving laws, principles of society and standards of living of the common man. By discovering and inventing new things standards of life can be improved and this can only be happened by advancement in research. Researchers work on reality parameters so they bring out the truth from raw data, lies and rumours. Its laymen think that research is destructive in nature but they don’t understand that research is both constructive and destructive in nature and depends on its usage and whom it is using. To become research constructive it should be based on true facts, should be structured, systematic, summarized and have some conclusion.

Nevertheless, research plays an extremely important role in psychology. Research helps us understand what makes people think, feel, and act in certain ways; allows us to categorize psychological disorders in order to understand the symptoms and impact on the individual and society; helps us to understand how intimate relationships, development, schools, family, peers, and religion affect us as individuals and as a society; and helps us to develop effective treatments to improve the quality of life of individuals and groups.

The objective of Our Research section is:

  • To facilitate researchers to do their research with clarity of expressions by using standard and systematic methods.
  • To help beginners to choose variables that are most appropriate according to the present time.
  • To make research easy for beginners.
  • To increase the learning of students related to research.
  • To facilitate students in proofreading.
  • To make their research plagiarism-free.

With the help of this program, Our Vision is:

  • To enable you to do research by yourself without asking for help from people.
  • Provide all types of information (Articles, Thesis, Journals, Softwares, etc).
  • Advancing research up to world-class standards.
  • To lead to provide data by supporting researchers and continuity in the development of mental health.

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Research in Psychology

What is APA?

APA stands for the American Psychological Association, which is an organization that focuses on psychology. They are responsible for creating this specific citation style. They are not associated with this guide, but all of the information here provides guidance to using their style.

What is APA Citing?

APA style is used by many scholars and researchers in the behavioral and social sciences, not just psychology. There are other citation formats and styles such as MLA and Chicago citation style, but this one is most popular in the fields of science.

Following the same standard format for citations allows readers to understand the types of sources used in a project and also understand their components.

The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association is currently in its 6th edition. It outlines proper ways to organize and structure a research paper, explains grammar guidelines, and how to properly cite sources. This webpage was created solely by BibMe to help students and researchers focus on how to create APA citations. For more information, please consult the official Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, (6th ed.).

We cite sources for many reasons. One reason is to give credit to the authors of the work you used to help you with your own research. When you use another person’s information to help you with your project, it is important to acknowledge that individual or group. This is one way to prevent plagiarism. Another reason why we create citations is to provide a standard way for others to understand and possibly explore the sources we used. To learn more about citations, check out this page on crediting work. Also, read up on how to be careful of plagiarism.

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