MCQs on Therapies

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MCQs on Therapies

MCQs on Therapies

Here in this post, we are sharing the MCQs on “Therapies”. You can read MCQ with answers.  We have a lot of collections of MCQs on Psychology.  Psychology Roots team works hard to provide you with the important stuff and plans to provide past papers, MCQs, and much more for your career guidance. You can join our community, and part to contribute your part. Keep visiting Psychology Roots.

MCQs on Therapies
MCQs on Therapies

MCQs on Therapies

Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the questions. In this test, we use unlimited MCQs on Gender and Sexuality but due to preparation purposes, only 20 MCQs show each time from the collection, and every time you may see new MCQs. 60% is passing criteria in the MCQs.

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Therapies MCQs helps us to increase our knowledge

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1. According to __________, each person creates his or her private world by making choices in order to confront and overcome feelings of meaninglessness and isolation

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2. A cognitive therapist is concerned primarily with helping clients change their

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3. Which of the following is identified with client-centered therapy?

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4. Dr. Hochman is a therapist who tries to lend support to clients who are having an emotional crisis and want to solve daily life problems. He most likely practices __________ therapy.

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5. When electric shock is used to make the sight and smell of alcohol conditioned stimuli for an aversion response, the electric shock serves as the

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6. Symbolic rewards used to encourage positive changes in behavior are called

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7. Major tranquilizers are also known as

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8. Which of the following is the most likely consequence of punishment?

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9. Humane treatment of the emotionally disturbed was spearheaded by __________, who personally unchained inmates at the Bicétre Asylum

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10. A therapeutic technique for psychological disorders that produces seizures, decreased emotional responses, and even stupor as side effects is

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11. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is most likely to be used, as a last resort, with which type of problem?

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12. Which of the following is the MOST likely outcome for psychotherapy?

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13. Freud called his form of psychotherapy

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14. The disappearance of symptoms due to the mere passage of time is termed

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15. Freud called which of the following the “royal road to the unconscious”?

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16. Free association is a basic technique in

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17. Which form of therapy places responsibility for the course of therapy on the client?

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18. A verbal interaction between a trained mental health professional and several clients is called

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19. If you get praised by your parents for making A’s in your college courses, the grades are

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20. Freud considered the distinction between manifest content and latent content essential for a

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