MCQs on the Social Psychology

MCQs on the Social Psychology

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MCQs on the Social Psychology
MCQs on the Social Psychology

MCQs on the Social Psychology

Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the questions. In this test, we use unlimited MCQs on the Social Psychology but due to preparation purposes, only 20 MCQs show each time from the collection, and every time you may see new MCQs. 60% is passing criteria in the MCQs.

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Social Psychology

Social Psychology MCQs helps us to increase our knowledge

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1. Someone asks you to bring dip to a party and you agree. Later the person asks you to also bring popcorn, chips, and sodas. The person has used which compliance strategy?

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2. hen subjects in Milgram’s obedience experiments received their orders over the phone, they

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3. In North America, male friendships are __________ based and female friendships are __________ .

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4. After Mrs. Keech’s doomsday predictions failed, her followers suddenly became interested in convincing others they were right. This turn of events is predicted by __________ theory.

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5. Scapegoating is releasing aggression on __________ targets.

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6. During the Stanford Prison study,

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7. Solomon Asch’s classic experiment (in which subjects judged a standard line and comparison lines) was arranged to test the limits of

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8. In his classic studies of conformity, Asch demonstrated that

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9. Which is TRUE regarding choosing a mate

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10. __________ is the process of making inferences about behavior.

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11. An example of a superordinate goal is

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12. Physical proximity increases attraction because it

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13. A reference group is

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14. Frustration probably encourages aggression because it

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15. The study in which college students attached a bumper sticker for a militant black organization to their cars and then received frequent traffic citations demonstrates

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16. Groups reward members with __________ and __________ for comformity.

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17. Zimbardo interpreted the results of his simulated prison study as an indication of the

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18. Which of the following was a significant factor in determining the degree of obedience in Milgram’s series of experiments?

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19. Cognitive dissonance theory is based on the human need for

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20. How individuals are affected by the presence of others is the focus of study in the field of

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