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    I would need a german Version of the WBSI (White Bear Suppression Inventory by Wegner and Zanakos 1994)

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    Aamir Ranjha

    Respected Here I found information of German Version of White Bear Suppression Inventory by Wegner and Zanakos 1994

    Title of Article: Differentiating unwanted intrusive thoughts fromthought suppression: what does the White BearSuppression Inventory measure?

    Author: Winfried Ho ¨ping*, Renate de Jong-Meyer

    In this article they discuss in detail about scale and use german version.


    The factor structure and correlational validity of a German version of the White Bear SuppressionInventory (Wegner, & Zanakos, 1994). Chronic thought suppression.

    Journal of Personality

    , 62, 615–640was analysed in a sample of 276 non-clinical participants. Using orthogonal rotation, a two factor solutionbest represented the underlying structure. One factor was interpreted as ‘‘Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts’’,the other as ‘‘Thought suppression’’. The full scale’s correlation with measures of depression, anxiety, andobsessive-compulsive behaviour was largely due to the Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts factor rather thanthe Thought Suppression factor. The Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts factor correlated negatively withavoidant coping. Neither factor correlated with self-disclosure. The theoretical meaning of separatingthought intrusions from thought suppression is discussed, leading to the recommendation of differentialassessment of these constructs.

    Correspondence Details: Winfried Ho ¨ping, Corresponding author. Tel.: +49-251-8334108; fax: +49-251-8331331.

    E-mail addresses:

    [email protected] (W. Ho ¨ping), [email protected] (R. de Jong-Meyer).

    Link of Article: https://www.academia.edu/7617612/Differentiating_unwanted_intrusive_thoughts_from_thought_suppression_what_does_the_White_Bear_Suppression_Inventory_measure

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      thank you very much, I will try to contact them.

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