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    I need scoring of following scales for my synopsis

    The work stress questionnaire (WSQ)

    .The Individual Work Performance Questionnaire(IWPQ)

    Following is all details of both questionares by seeing both questionnaires you can tell me scoring for my synopsis urgent help needed

    The work stress questionnaire (WSQ)

    The WSQ consists of 21 items covering 4 main themes: Indistinct organization and conflicts, Individual demands and commitment, Influence at work and Work to leisure time interference. The questions of the first two themes can be answered Yes, Partly or No. To determine the level of stress in the items of the first two themes, the questions are followed by the question Do you perceive it as stressful? The respondent grades the level of stress by answering Not stressful, Less stressful, Stressful or Very stressful. The items of the second two themes can be answered Yes, always, Yes, often, No, rarely or No, never. Demographic data concerning employment, age and educational level will also be collected. In the follow-up questionnaire for the testing of reliability, a question concerning changes at the workplace during the 2-week period will be added: You have still not shared the scoring of the scale as guided to you.

    The Individual Work Performance Questionnaire(IWPQ) (Koopmans, 2015) is an 18-item scale developed in The Netherlands to measure the three main dimensions of job performance: task performance, contextual performance, and counterproductive work behavior. All items have a recall period of three months and a 5-point rating scale (0 = seldom to 4 = always for the task and contextual performance; and 0 = never to 4 = often for counterproductive work behavior). A mean score for each IWPQ scale can be calculated by adding the item scores, and dividing their sum by the number of items in the scale. Scoring of this scale is also missing.

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    Aamir Ranjha

    Kindly Read The Work Stress Questionnaire (WSQ) – reliability and face validity among male workers

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    Aamir Ranjha

    Here is an article that includes a complete-scale Description of Individual Work Performance Questionnaire(IWPQ)

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