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26 September in the History of Psychology

Aamir Ranjha
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On September 26:

1849  Ivan P. Pavlov was born. Pavlov brought one of the fundamental processes that alter behaviour, the conditioned reflex, to the attention of the scientific community. He identified its functional elements and extensively studied its characteristics. Pavlov won the Nobel prize in 1904 for his work in digestion.

1865 — George Stratton was born. Stratton is remembered primarily for the first studies of the effects of prolonged inversion of the visual field, finding that he readily adapted to this distortion and later suffered disorientation when his inverting lenses were removed. He also studied aesthetics and social behavior. APA President, 1908.

1892 — Honorio Delgado was born. Delgado introduced psychoanalysis and German concepts of experimental psychology to Latin America.

1922 — In Berlin, Sigmund Freud read his last paper to an International Congress of Psychoanalysis. The title was "Some Remarks on the Unconscious." This was the last Congress that Freud attended.

1968 — Nelson Goodman's book Languages of Art was published.

1969 — The Soviet Union issued a postage stamp honoring Ivan Pavlov.

1986 — APA Division 12 (Clinical Psychology) approved the creation of Section 6 (Ethnic Minority Clinical Psychology). Gail E. Wyatt served as the section's president for the first two years.

1989 — The antipsychotic drug Clozaril (clozapine; Sandoz Pharmaceuticals) was approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Clozapine inhibits the action of the neural transmitters serotonin and dopamine and appears to cause fewer undesirable side-effects than chlorpromazine and haloperidol. Clozapine was the subject of a Time magazine cover story on July 6, 1992.


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